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Originally Posted by djpete View Post

Will it enable a better crossfade than default crossfader?

If so can someone explain simply how to setup?
Well "better" depends on the criteria you use to judge. These plug-ins allow you to start and hear the beginning of the next song in a playlist at the same time you hear current song ending. The amount of overlap is adjustable in milliseconds. These plug-ins are designed for SHOUTcast users and can provide other features (discussed in this thread), but they can be used by non-SHOUTcast users also.

These plug-ins are setup and controlled by their configuration options, there are no controls in the skin UI. Link to the latest versions is in post #26 above.

Read posts #16 and #17 in this thread ( for simple setup instructions to get you started.

There are zero artifacts at the point of crossover. What you hear during the overlap period depends completely on the encoded characteristics of the consecutive songs (i.e. their relative ending and starting volumes and the amount of any starting and/or ending silence encoded in the songs). There is an option called "Logarithmic Transitions" that can be used to provide an automatic volume fade out - fade in between songs during the overlap period.

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