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Originally Posted by djpete View Post
ok I think I got it.
I just disabled the crossfading on Direct Sound Output.
Sounds more or less similar to Direct Sound Output to me. not sure if better or worse, but I understand it has other features. Thanks
These plug-ins apply the crossfade at the input side of the processing string before any DSP and/or equalizing effects are applied. DirectSound applies the crossfade at the output side of the processing string after any DSP and/or equalizing effects. They should sound the same with an equal crossover period and no DSP and/or equalizing effects applied (and no fading).

As thinktink said the resampling must be used if the consecutive songs have different sampling rates. I use the high quality resampling and don't hear any degrading of the sound when it is enabled. I suggest you set the sample rate and bits per sample in X-Fade and in the Windows sound (playback devices) utility to match that encoded in most of the songs you will be playing. If you will be using 24-bit per sample source files, be sure to enable 24-bit output in the Winamp "Playback" preferences.

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