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With the DirectSound output plugin doing crossfades, you have to enable Sound Card mode in the SHOUTcast DSP and "Stereo Mix" (or similar) on the soundcard to actually broadcast the songs crossfaded. The reason why I wrote this plugin was so that I could crossfade music without having to rely on my crappy soundcard for the crossfades. Now for a typical end-user (not SHOUTcasting or anything similar) the DirectSound plugin crossfades are fine since the user is going to be listening to the music from the very soundcard the output plugin is mixing the crossfades on, which makes perfect sense. Personally, I have no problems with the way the DirectSound output plugin crossfades music for my personal enjoyment. But with cheap Windows boxes with cheap built-in soundcards that are usually used for SHOUTcast DSP broadcasting it becomes a problem, especially if "Stereo Mix" input recording on the soundcard is unavailable or disallowed by the OS (*coughDRMcough*). I also wanted to avoid using the DirectSound output plugin for crossfades because it would also screw-up the playback timing on the SHOUTcast DSP (remember, it's processing two audio files at the same time but there's only one audio processing chain (*hint* *hint*)) with LiveWire (a DSP for talking over the music).

IMO, anybody broadcasting from Winamp should have X-Fade installed, even if they're not crossfading, since X-Fade smooths out a bunch of small but cumulative-over-time timing quirks with Winamp's playback processing chain.
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