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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
well, maybe i was somewhat opaque...

the bug i reported was def for very short files. however, i wasn't trying to do shoutcast, and i am pretty sure i was not crossfading. just a normal, vanilla local winamp setup.

for some reason, winamp just intermittently, but pretty often, skips short files, esp if they are quick in succession in a scratch playlist. more info at the link in my sig below.

you think xfade would completely "cure" this?
"Cure" would not be the right word to use in this instance. X-Fade just does things very differently with the audio processing playback chain. It hooks all the compatible input plugins and then does "it's thing" for playback. If you have multiple short files right after another it loads them the same as any other file and plays them end-to-end without interruption in between the files (unless your computer is too slow or too low on resources.)
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