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Aminifu: i'd expect Win+Tab was removed since their metrics indicated people didn't use it or it just didn't fit well with modern style apps vs the classic desktop. as no one non-techy i know knew about it or saw the point in it when shown it (whereas alt+tab was better known and used more often). but who knows the reason why, as i only ever saw it more as a gimmick than anything useful.

Sabine: the change to a single port instead of two is a financial thing by hardware and is unlikely related to OSes (other than timings of things being released from both sides of the fence). as most likely most people don't need separate jacks and with the prevalence of usb devices for recording, there's even less need (at least that's how i see it). and it's not like it's not hard to get hold of a usb -> 2 jack adapter for when it's needed (as i remember some of Sennheiser PC1*** headsets 6-7years ago including such an adapter as dual jacks were already on the decline at that point). and as devices get thinner, it's just easier to have a single jack towards the back of the device since that's about the thickest part of it.
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