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I love to use my notebook with a bed-table in the bed for listening & watching, and instead of the built-in loudspeakers sometimes I use the Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro headphones, which can be used for the older 6.3- & 3.5-headphone-jacks. I hope, I can use them also for future PCs & notebooks, because these are very good headphones. Maybe adapters are available for the future computers. Other people can use headsets, and fortunately also real on-ear-headsets are sold (I myself hate in-earphones & earbuds). Of course many people would have been annoyed by using old headsets with 2 plugs, because microphone & headphones had 2 seperate jacks in the past. Also it's very good, that mobile devices get thinner and more lightweight. Currently I use my Archos 43 with Sennheiser PX-100ii for outside.

But I wish to know, if the future computer will have Stereomix also with only 1 jack , and maybe also future PCs could be sold with only 1 jack instead of 2, not only notebooks. I could visit the websites of Conrad Electronic, Media Markt & Saturn to check that.

Today I have visited the snack-bar again (after visiting my mother). Their notebook was turned on today, and the team uses Windows 7 now. They have played music from YouTube in Chrome. I think, they didn't want to live suddenly without internet...

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