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This skin already has a digital stereo VU meter. It's under the time elapsed/remaining on the main player (horizontal and without colors) as indicated in post #75 above. I suppose it won't hurt to add an option for another one (larger and more colorful). Narrow, side by side, digital meters do make it easier to notice channel differences (especially those with colors), but I like the analog style.

In addition to the 'eye candy', I also like spectrum analyzers because they provide a sort of visual aid when playing around with Winamp's equalizer options. I know these are only gross representations due to differences in bandwidths, number of bands, and other things. In the end, the best way to to adjust equalizers is by careful listening to what you hear, imo.

Thanx for the compliment on my desktop. When used with modern skins, that VU meter can only be placed on the lower left side of the screen. I'm still trying to decide on the Quinto Black CT windows arrangement I like best and how to incorporate the Waveform Seeker plug-in window.

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