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Hi PeterK.,

I like that you have decided to provide a frequency response graph plot and I hate being late to the discussion, but I have some questions about the bass and treble controls in that window. What affect do they have on the sound output? Which range of frequencies do they control? Do these controls override the equalizer settings or work separately from them?

The screenshot in post #273 shows a response plot that appears to correspond to the equalizer frequencies settings shown in the equalizer window in that post. However, there is nothing shown in this plot (that I can see) to indicate the effects of the bass (+22%) and treble (+31%) controls settings. If both the equalizer and bass and treble controls are applied separately and simultaneously to the sound output, then the response plot should show the combined effects, imo. If the bass and treble controls override the equalizer, then the response plot should show that.

Also, will the equalizer preamp setting have an effect on the response plot? Will the entire plot relatively shift above or below the 0 db line in response to a positive or negative preamp setting?

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