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Seems the I can't edit my post any more. The script above is one of two scripts that aren't working (Admin Panel reports: "Bad Login"). Another script for our playlist voting system results to a "internal server error" when using together with a Shoutcast 2 Port but works with V1. I don't think thats a big deal as the XML-Scripts just have to be updated, not the whole scripts.

Also it would be very nice to update our "live status scripts" which shows wether our server is running (pending) or online (streaming). This is still working partially but as Shoutcast V2 don't support additional info fields like "Stream AIM" or "Stream IRC" which we abused to send informations though our Shoutcast DSP to display the "DJ Live Status" on our website, we can't display the "DJ Live" image any more. The script simply display when the Shoutcast is online but don't display the "DJ Live" image. I think this is only possible with additional custom informations in the song artist or title but then we would need extra coding in ths script and probably custom settings in our Shoutcast DSP (if this is possible).

I also attached this simple script here so that you can see what I mean.
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