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Originally Posted by neralex View Post
2. The solution is not only a simple edit of the file. This script is outdated, its 10 or more years old and needs a whole recoding for php7 and Shoutcast v2, because some functions are not more valid with PHP7 and the passed XML-structure is different to shoutcast v1. The whole array have to refilled based on the v2 stucture. The used flags and IP-regions are also
I'm fine with PHP 5.6 and don't plan to upgrade to PHP 7 in the next few years. I only want to update to Shoutcast V2 as it's supporting mountpoints so that we can use MP3 and AAC+ simultaneous with the Auto DJ of Centova Cast an some Live DJ features. But our scripts are very important as they provide important informations for our listeners on the website. So if any one is able just to update the scripts from V1 to V2 which are compatible with multiple mountpoints to one SC2 source, I would be very happy.

@djSpinnerCee: I will get in contact with you to send you all of our scripts to explain how it's working. Would it be possible to skype with you this weekend?

Originally Posted by corsschip View Post
Hi, maybe this script can help you?
Let me know if you are interested and i will send it to you.
Here is an example:
I will take a look and contact you as well if I need to replace it completely with our current scripts. Currently we have running following which needs to be updated:

The most important script is the "Vote System" which is responsible to count the listeners votes from our website. It's an individual script which was made almost 10 years before for our website but as the author isn't available any more, there was no one who could update it. Unfortunately it's not working with Shoutcast V2 any more as it results to an "internal server error" when using a SC2-Port:

The other script not working correctly has been attached in my first posting. It works at least partially which means that I still can see the listeners status when accessing the "status_mini.php" file. But when I try to access the "status_admin.php" file in "admin" folder, I get an "Bad Login" error:

Other scripts still seems to work with Shoutcast V2: (Show last 20 songs) (Shoutcast Online status and listeners counter) - It shows wether the shoutcast server is Offline (red), Online (yellow) and used by a stream source (green). But due to the missing "AIM" field inside the script we can't show the "DJ Live Status" any more. The script still stays to "green" and nothing happens. We abuse the "AIM" information from the 7.html (which still seems to exist) for switching to "DJ Live" status and show another diffenet graphics:

The current Shoutcast V2 running from Port 8989 is just for testing the scripts yet. It's connected from a 8999 Port relay as our current Cast Control software don't support "SC2 Mountpoints". It should later run through just one SC2-Server. The normal working V1 functions can be checked directly from our website: (see right HTML widgets).

I have packed all of our scripts except the vote system due to copyright issues here:

But I also can share the link of the "vote system" script as private message for peoples who want to work on that.
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