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It's pretty sad. We're so overly sensitive in this country that you can't fight crime based on the description of the people doing the crime, but it's ok for the criminals to descriminate. The same saying that applies to terrorirsts applies to crime: "Criminals only have to be right once. We have to be right all the time." Profiling a group of people because that group of people commits more crimes than anyone else is just the same as profiling a group of people because they're terrorists. What's the difference? If you can take a pile of statistics to the people and say, "Look... this is why it appears to be the profiling of blacks: Because blacks commit most crimes in this area and it's a predominantly black area so it just so happens that blacks are profiled.", then it should be enough evidence to warrant the need for profiling. If a bunch of middle-easterners are committing terrorist acts you don't go looking for white men in turbins. lol Use some common sense! There HAS to be some sort of profiling or the police can't do their jobs effectively. If a black man rapes and kills your daughter and it's been proven the man is black by the evidence or possibly a witness, do you want the police to go looking for a white guy simply because it can be considered racist to look for the real culprit. That's what it sounds like--that you'd rather let it go than have someone be 'offended' due to profiling. Give me a break! lol

These same people that are all sensitive about other peoples' feelings have a major flaw in their thinking. The people they're busy feeling sorry for could care less about them or their touchy-feely cause. More often than not crying racism is used as a tool to get what they want. All you're doing is playing into their hands and giving them a little more leverage to take even more advantage. Maybe it'll be your daughter next because you didn't allow the system to work. What will you say then?

Innocent until proven guilty. That's already law. It's not wrong to pull someone over and check them out because they match a suspect's description and/or drive a car matching the description of a car seen at the scene of a crime. Again, it's common sense. If you tie the peoples' hands behind their back that are supposed to be protecting us more crime is going to take up the vacuum.

People are profiled for a reason... because there's crime being perpetrated by a certain group of people matching the profile. Law enforcement doesn't sit around in their offices and pick out minorities to pick on for fun. There's a reason. I admit there have been cases of true racism, but the majority of profiling is based in fact and crime statistics.

It's hard not to hate a group of people that affect your neighborhoods negatively. If all white people were racist you'd see a lot more white-on-black crime. Instead, whites and other races would rather flee the minority-ridden neighborhoods and leave them to fight amongst themselves. It's happening all over America. People flee neighborhoods for a better place to live. Minorities follow and the process starts all over again. White people and other races bend over backwards nowadays to let minorities fit in. It's not doing a damn bit of good. You can't make people be who they're not. That's evident all over America. People need to wake up.

We have been tolerant to the point of it being ridiculous. Even when there were so-called 'race riots' there was never a white person lift a finger against a black man unless it was to defend himself. Go ahead and live in a fantasy world where minorities make great contributions to our society, that's your prerogative. One day there will be an awakening and people won't take the shit anymore. I long for that day.

And ya know... it's not just crime. It's how minorities treat people, with an indignation--like after all this time there's still something owed. Yes, I agree... there's still something owed and it's long overdue: A swift kick in the ass to put them in their place.

There are some people from India that own a Subway across the street from where I live. I go in there all the time and get subs. The place is clean, the people are friendly. The person making my sub sometimes doesn't understand that I want black pepper on my sub, but that doesn't bother me. These people are making an honest effort at life and they're succeeding. There are Chinese businesses I frequent all the time and the people are outgoing and treat you with respect. I have no problem with other races at all, until they start treating me wrong or my people wrong. And it's evident that blacks have a problem across America, not just in my own nearby cities and towns. I no longer feel like it's my duty to go the extra mile to make them feel welcome anymore. Am I gonna burn a stake in their yard? No. But I expect better from a people that has it better than any other race in this country. Ask yourself, why after 40+ years of kissing their ass does it still seem like they're getting nowhere?

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