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Originally posted by Talbain
Perhaps if you'd stop looking at them as another race and start seeing them as human beings, you'd be able to accept them, despite their faults.
maybe the police arent looking at them by their race, but instead looking at them by who needs more protection based on the crime rate

maybe its only the people who complain about it who look at people by their race, and assume everyone else looks at people the same way they do...

Originally posted by Omega X
Neither. Simply Put.

I've experienced "ghettos" and "hoods" and I've come to this conclusion:

"Caucasian" dominate communities are already patrolled regularly. BUT hoods are patrolled somewhat equally but its not enough to deter crime. Usually, cops who I see patrol the "easy" communities I like to call lazy. There's like 5 patrol cars sitting there while they go in convience stores and shop for snacks(and eat them there). Harris County, Texas is a prime example of that. Also, There is what's called the "community" factor that comes into place when you experience the hood. There are the "criminals" and the people who live there. Often time the people who live there are just trying to live their lives but the "criminals" make it almost impossible. BUT when it comes to getting the police involved, there aren't many dealing with the situation or the precinct won't assign additional help.

As I see it, If more "level headed" police "do their job" in the areas affected they can curve the crime rate significantly. BUT to totally curve it for the better, there must be other needs met like good Jobs and good schools. Not to mention the proper healthcare and assistance. Yes that means a "level" of welfare and counseling to help people get back on track.

Remember that most Hoods have more than just Black residents nowdays. Hoods now normally include other minorities and what many people like to call "white trash".

ALSO, you need to remember that most "better" neighborhoods already have great healthcare, Jobs and schools. You just need to be well enough off to move there. Most honorable people in the hood don't have the option or is just trying to reform the community itself.
yes, im aware of that, but we are using the situation of the two communities, and i was asking talbain 'if it IS racist... who is it racist to'

i dont think its racist to have more cops in an area which has more crime, just because that area has a black majority

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