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I wouldn't say it was a "majority" of blacks. A majority of blacks in all-black neighbourhoods where unemployment is high and poverty is rife, yes. I would suggest there's social factors there, though.

My main exception is with your opposition to "race mixing", to be honest, though. I can't see any logical argument to opposing a black man and a white woman dating, other than if you're classing them all as bad. If, as it appears in this case, people are just opposing it because they are different races, I see no logical justification to that but hatred. If there were a good reason to oppose their union - one or the other was known as a "bad apple", they hang around with a bad crowd, any number of good reasons - people wouldn't have to fall back to a race distinction.

I won't accept that any act should be opposed simply because of the race of those involved. That is not sufficient reason.

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