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Having a society free of racism is completely different to being politically correct.

Racism will always play a huge part in social interaction simply because it is natural for us to treat strangers who belong to a minority in a different way to how we treat "normal" people. Politically Correctness would have us ignore this element of human nature in favour of us constantly hiding our feelings.

As a result, the FBI get called in when one single person writes some hate mail, because as a society we like to think that this persons mentality is so incredibly threatening: If people are openly racist, then everyone suddenly feels guilty about our past and the days of slavery.

In my opinion this is just stupid. People seem to prefer to keep everything hidden rather than face the problem.


Very courageous of you to say things like that on an internet forums full of fierce liberals and humanitarians.

You are right that there is a problem, but in my opinion you are trying too hard to fix blame upon something.

It is very easy to personify the entire "black race" and blame them for there own problems, but the reality is, their situation is the result of a vast number of factors, most obviously, that they are a minority. To say that they are "comforatable" with their position in their society misses the issue, and ignores questions like WHY they are comfortable.

The age old excuse that you use: "I have no respect for people that don't respect themselves", is very tired and blind. Numerous psychological studies involving the influence of power in various situations have demonstrated how quickly people of ANY race conform to the role of "oppressed" when they are part of a minority.

When you personify the entire black race and use this excuse you are assuming that there is some biological difference that makes them not want to help themselves, which is clearly not the case.

My point is, you can't just cast aside a problem claiming that it caused itself, so it isn't your duty to care for it. No one is asking you to be humanitarian, but if the issue does matter to you, then maybe you should research it thouroughly, rather than summing up your opinion based on your few experiences.

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