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i can't speak to how things work under the hood, but i have to say decreasing buffers, even if it works, seems like a very undesirable solution to me.

i would like to suggest a new option be included, that allows machines with sufficient RAM, to fully load into memory, the next 3 tracks in the playlist. i think that would fix the issue and also provide sufficient coverage for most crossfading scenarios.


(in addition, such a feature that was "aware" of the upcoming tracks in the playlist, could then make possible two features i have asked for previously, "smart crossfading" and "smart replaygain." smart crossfading is the idea that normally u have crossfading of whatever user duration, UNLESS album tracks are being played in sequential order, and in that case crossfading is temporarily disabled. similarly, smart replaygain enables track gain on everything, unless sequential album tracks are detected, and then in those cases album gain is used instead, on only those tracks).

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