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1. He was the ambassador. Where would he be?
2. Did you mean Al-Queda flags were flying everywhere? Al Queda put them up.
3. Security was considered adequate. This was a mistake, not negligent.
4. Because he was afraid. Evidently his assessment was prophetic, But it might not have been. That is: Al Queda had more forces than we knew about and they got lucky, This is if you call getting 100 guys killed to take out one ambassador lucky.
5. I was too late. By morning, the embassy personnel were being evacuated and they were cleaning up stragglers at the CIA annex,
6. Canada... could we borrow a cup of milk and some bullets?
7. I like Susan Rice. Anybody that pisses the Russians off as much as she does is ok in my book. Obama and Hillary tried to shift the blame to Rice. It didn't stick.
8. Rice was explaining what happened?

9. THAT... we can blame on Obama and it's just bullshit. Evidently, given the precision and force of the Al-Queda attack, it was planned long before this video. Even if it wasn't, a video is not an excuse for terrorism.

Obama makes excuses for anyone who isn't white. Somehow we've got it coming.

It's just like "my son" Trayvon who gets an excuse to pound the neighborhood watch guy for looking at him cockeyed. Some asshole makes an anti-islam video and it somehow matters. Do I get any understanding if I turn into a terrorist for 10,000 anti-Christian videos? Do I get a pass if a black guy looks at me cockeyed?

"My son" who gets kicked out of school for smoking dope and then gets stoned and goes and beats up the neighborhood watch. Those poor Muslim terrorists.. somebody made an anti-islam video. It must need "white man's guilt"

I don't usually go along with Fox very often, but I think Keith Ablow has the President nailed.
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