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So finally the final release, good job, DrO.

As for the German language pack shipped in that version, I've spent a lot of time to verify the whole package, to prevent the issues, we saw in the last build.

We tested things and it it was now safe to remove graphic files, which are not translated. Winamp is using the English graphics from the main files now. This reduced the whole size of the language pack.

Additionally I've verified the accelerator tables, removed unneeded accelerator tables, verified the styles of the dialogs and fixed a lot of typos and tweaked some things, which includes all of the user feedback I got as well.

That is the best German language pack version I've ever done, so safe the best for last, huh?

The external version:

was updated as well and the Winamp-de-de.wlz is now identical with the version shipped in Winamp. The installer will now remember your holiday skin settings, I've fixed a lot of glitches in the installer and it adds localization for DrO's 'ML Exporter' plugin.
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