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I have the same problem. So, Abu or anyone else who would be kind enough to lend a hand...
at the risk of being scorned with this post, let me say that I have been a winamp faithful for many years. I have an new nano 5G, which obviously can't be used with winamp. I intend to keep using winamp and ml_ipod for my old ipod, but can you guys help out with instructions on how to get playlists, and other metadata from winamp back to itunes for those of us using newer version ipods which are not yet compatable with winamp. I don't want to lose this data if possible. I figure some one like Abu, or other senior members who knows both these programs well could help? I tried the export function in winamp and to import it into itunes but it does not seem to reconstruct any of the playcounts? not sure what to do, so any help would be appreciated.
Again, I know you guys don't like itunes questions here on this forum but I think it is appropriate in this setting for those of us who have been loyal to winamp ( and will continue to be) who can not use the new 5G ipods.
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