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I didn't do enough research before buying a nano 5g or else I would have snagged a new unused 4g I knew about.

This is my first Apple device and I already hate iTunes! I was really hoping to delete iTunes as soon as I registered my nano 5g and checked for firmware updates.

Before I bought the 5g I looked over the stuff about using Winamp with iPods. When I saw that Winamp didn't recognize my new nano, I was p|ssed. I first tried ml_ipod v3.09 and of course it didn't let me do anything.

Then I found this discussion. Woo-hoo! I don't even open iTunes; I can add or delete songs just with Winamp and ml_ipod ver. 3.08. Too bad you have to leave iTunes installed at all. Or do you?

Thank you, thank you, thank you popcan! You rock and should rule!
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