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the foobar plug-in re-uses dlls which Winamp cannot legally use / re-distribute - if you don't like that reason then so be it but that is one of the biggest reasons for not supporting a number of the newer versions.

also i've a feeling you're mixing up the 3rd party ml_ipod (which this sub-forum is for) and pmp_ipod (which is the official plug-in) as both are in a similarly 'crippled' state with support for newer versions, even more so for ml_ipod as it's no longer being developed.

no idea what 'subscription' you're referring to since at least for the Winamp Pro license, that has _nothing_ to do with funding iPod support - if you've made a ml_ipod donation then that is something for you to sort out / request back if you're not happy with an undeveloped plug-in, etc.

then again, if foobar or any other player better suits your needs then you should be using that rather than trying to compromise and not be happy.

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