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I just realized upon further investigation that the only files that appear to be affected are all in one album (at the top of my list which is why I assumed it was more prevalent). I can manually edit these files easily as it's only one album, so I'll consider the case closed. If you really are curious about solving this bizarre issue anyway, feel free to read on:

My plugin list is attached. It should only be the default plugins except for the (One for Nunz I just installed). I checked out the mpeg decoder and it doesn't have a default tag selection, but the checkboxes for reading ID3v1, ID3v2, APEv2, and Lyrics3 tags are all checked.

When I checked the tags in mp3tag, the album in question doesn't even show up at all.

What's more, when I manually edit the basic info it updates it and then changes in the playlist view. But when I click "Copy to ID3v1" under the ID3v2 tab, the proper info is copied into both the ID3v1 and Basic Info tabs. But when I hit OK, the info is not updated in the playlist view and when I return to the File Info screen, the Basic Info tab is no longer updated.
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