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mp3tag is different from winamp, in it will only show you "one layer" of tagging at a time, while winamp will merge them.

so lets say you had id3v1.1 tags filled out, and also had blank id3v2.3 tags, EXCEPT for RG tag values. in that case, winamp merges that info to show you in ML, but mp3tag will only display the v2.3 layer, which would be blank (except for RG).

your album was broken, i have that too. it goes 1-6 then a bunch of silent tracks you don't need to rip, then tracks 98 and 99. ripping silent tracks isn't a good idea b/c as you found out, its easy for apps to get confused.

also, i use mp3tag to strip ALL tags EXCEPT v2.3 as that keeps it simple. in winamp, you can tell it in prefs (in_mp3) not to create new v1.1 tags.

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