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Hello, I need some help with calendar.xml

I want to do two things, have news.lst play at the top of each hour, and then for the rest of the time have main.lst play. I want this to happen 7 days a week.

This is what I have in my calendar.xml...
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<event type="playlist">
<playlist loopatend="1" shuffle="1" priority="2" >main</playlist>
<calendar repeat="127" starttime="00:00:00"/>
<event type="playlist">
<playlist loopatend="0" shuffle="0" priority="1" >news</playlist>
<calendar repeat="128" starttime="01:00:00" timeoffset="01:00:00"/>

This is what is in my conf for playlists
playlistfilepath_0=C:\Users\Bradley\Desktop\sc_trans_beta_drop6_02232010\sc_trans drop 02_22_2010\win32\playlists\main.lst
playlistfilepath_1=C:\Users\Bradley\Desktop\sc_trans_beta_drop6_02232010\sc_trans drop 02_22_2010\win32\playlists\news.lst
; by default we shuffle the playlist. Lets turn that off

When the time comes all I get is this...
2010-08-07 19:00:00 I msg:[playlistMgr] playlist load from file C:\Use
rs\Bradley\Desktop\sc_trans_beta_drop6_02232010\sc_trans drop 02_22_2010\win32\p
2010-08-07 19:00:00 I msg:[playlistMgr] load complete

It gets stuck there and the main playlist keeps playing.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. transcoder doesn't seem to recognize m4a files?

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