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I am trying to get sc_trans to trancecode a mp3 stream to an aacp stream.

i have sc_trans connect to one instance of shoutcast dnas2 picking up an mp3 stream
then sc-trans comes the aacp source for a second instance of shoutcast dnas 2.

only its bahaving odly.
when i freshly start sc_serv and sc_trans the song plays just fine but once the mp3 scource feed goes to a new song (changes meta data) the feed sc_trans sends out becomes distorted.
there are eco's at first and then the stream starts to buffer really badly.
the mp3 feed sc_trans connects to works just fine wehn i conect directly using winamp.

i have attached the logfiles rather then post the full ones on here

however this message shows up a lot
2010-08-26 16:34:45 E msg:[decode] calling aacPlusStreamDecode() The aacPlus decoder did not find a valid frame.
i would apricaite any help finalizing this
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