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Winamp toolbar shows up when watching videos in fullscreen

Recently I have been having this problem with Firefox

Ever since some update of Firofex [or Windows 7], something like 3 months ago, my always docked at the top Winamp toolbar is just docked too well: it stays there when I'm watching some video in full screen mode on Facebook or YouTube. And so I have to close Winamp to make it disappear. And after exiting the full screen mode, maximized Firefox is placed just like it was before closing of the Winamp; meaning that there is this empty [unused space] left after Winamp toolbar. I have to "Restore Down: it [use the middle icon between the three in the right upper corner] and then maximize it again [re-use the middle icon between the three]

Some quick more background info
- Firefox 47.0.1
- Winamp 5.666
- Windows 7 x64 [up to date]
- this wasn't happening before
- this still happens after another and yet another Firefox update
- Winamp behaves [when docked as a toolbar] as it should with all other software, new and old ones [Photoshop, Corel DRAW, sound editors, Excell, ACDSee; you name it]
- the bug doesn't exist [or at least hasn't yet manifested itself] when videos are being watch in fullscreen mode in BS.Player Pro 2.70 and in Media Player Classic 1.7.6

The worst part is that this doesn't happened all the time. I simply do not know what triggers this behavior. I went back to my old system [stored as an image file] from a half a year ago, updated the Firefox and tried to evoke that behavior; but couldn't. And I did this because 2-3 months ago my Windows wasn't updated since 2014 09, and so 2 months ago I updated it massively, altogether with Firefox which was only few releases old. So I did this because if that not-updated-Windows with addition of updated-Firefox would show off this bug, then I would know, it is the fault of Firefox and of the Windows' updates

Of course I've tried uninstalling Winamp and installing it again. But in order to use it as I use it, I had to replace fresh files in my
with the old ones. But those old ones [all of those my good old settings], weren't tempered recently with docking options. Analogically I could uninstall Firefox and try a fresh copy of it, but then I would be "importing" all of my settings by coping to the
all of my old files, because that's how I roll with it [not using some partial export / import functions]

So as long as I do not know whats is triggering this unwanted behavior, after installation of clean Firefox I could be spending something like a month on some lame default settings and not even once experience the bug [assuming that this bug comes out from Firefox settings] while in a matter of fact still having that bug

Does anyone else suffer from this too-much-docked Winamp?
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