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It depends a lot on the actual screensize, as you are getting moiré patterns.
To avoid this, don't use "5000" but the actual screen height in pixels like this:

float k= 15;
ret = (uv.y*texsize.y*k)%2 < 1;

You can adjust the appearance by setting the value of k. It makes rather a difference whether it is a multiple of 2 or not.

Note - the pattern is actually moving because of the line "warp = 0.01000" in the milk file. Unless you explicitly overwrite these distortion parameters (e.g. rot, warp, zoop, sx,sy,dx,dy) in your code (in the per frame or per vertex section), milkdrop takes the values from the .milk file. So you'll see a distortion effect but no corresponding code, which can be a bit confusing.
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