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Originally posted by Koopa
This would require an additional bunch of code, with several integrity checks and it's obsolete. You can choose in future, where the file will be saved, so I fail to see the point of having two locations, if the user can set, where the file will be saved.
i was trying to accommodate your valid concern, that i concur with, that dopey users need to be saved from themselves. so thats the point... while i think even advanced users would appreciate the redundancy, dopey users could be saved from themselves IF they somehow messed up the user defined location backup.

Originally posted by Koopa
Backup Tool will work across profiles in future too. If you can choose, where the file should be saved, you can use the the tool to 'Restore' the settings to a different profile too.
unfortunately we seem to misunderstand each other quite a bit, (prob my fault).

what i was talking about with this bit was a winamp profile, NOT a windows profile.

think of EAC. you can have many "profiles" of that app, the way its config'd, that have nothing to do with what windows profile ur logged in under.

i know thats not how i used the word "profile" earlier in the thread, but this is a wholly different context from that.

the context here is imagine being in any given windows profile, and while logged in under that same windows profile, you could use the backup tool to create as many "winamp profiles" as you wanted. hopefully you know EAC and so understand what i mean.

this use would necessitate the ability to have multiple backup zips that you could name. (mp3 config, flac config, easy listening smartviews, rock smartviews, etc...)

i know its not the main intent of the backup tool, but its not a far stretch either.

Originally posted by Koopa
Currently we are at the begin. A lot of things are possible and we trying our best to provide a tool, which will satisfy the users.
Just take it easy, I guarantee you that I'll listen to user feedback, just lemme work on the base first.
i understand, i'm in no rush. its just that i think its important to consider these things from the start so you don't have to double back later. i'd hate to see anyone have to do twice the work to enable something just b/c it wasn't considered at the start. (esp since that makes it more unlikely to happen at all)

one other unrelated thing b4 i forget, but when choosing to restore a backup, along w/the version check, it would be good if the backup was dated, so it could report to you when you actually made it.

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