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Custom inversion :

White SSC in an effect list, XOR output. Any other white surface will do.

AVS Lingo :

SSC - Superscope
DM - Dynamic Movement
DDM - Dynamic Distance Modifier
DS - Dynamic Shift
MP - Moving Particles
Convo Filter (Or just plain convo) - Convolution Filter
Fast Brite - Fast Brightness
(There are more, figure out yourself)

Chroming :
Chroming is changing the spectrum from 0...255 into 0..255...0 where 128 is now 255 - So it filters out anything too white.
It can be done in several ways :
-Effect list - Fast brite - Replace input, SubBlend2 output, another fast brite outside.
-Buffer save, clear screen, 3 effect lists. One colormap for each list, additive blend for each list (except for the top). Each taking different color, with buffer restore on top of them. Change the white into the corresponding colors, drag them to middle. Add a black in the end. (SLOW, too much work, just saying it)
-List (Replace input, max output) with invert in it, then an invert (outside the list) and a fast brite.
-Jheriko's multi filter. Fastest.

Rotation Delay :

(Copied directly from fsk's guide. For the preset in action, go to, galleries, and then "Zvezda")

rotation dellay


on beat:

per fr.:

rz1=rz1+g; srz1=sin(rz1)/10; rz2=rz2+srz1;
usualy you just use the rz1 but in this case you have to put it thru another sin to make the changes in the rotation soft (dunno how to put it otherwise - remeber the first tentacle I sent you, it didn't have tis and it kinnda jumped on beat)

per point:


The distance from center

this is the effect part

srz1 is the current change in rotation, so if you aplly les (-) rotation to the points further away from the center (*dst) you get the desired effect .

this needs to be in the per point.


That is it . For 3D aplly to all three axes and use a 3D distance


Shape Engines :

Use point-by-point assigning (p=p+1 in pixel, p=0 in frame, and assign coordinates). Put in p%(points used in the shape) in place of the p in equal(p,n).
Use p1=if(equal(p%(points used in the shape),1),p1+1,p1) in pixel and p1=0 in frame to assign numbers for the shape.


Fix aspect ratio before posting your pack, or UnConeD will be angry at you.

Don't do the normal getosc syncing, or Atero will be angry at you.
Heck, he'll be angry at you anyways - The standard greeting.

[soon to leave, sirs]
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