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There is another way of syncing other than with getoscs or getspecs?
please explaino.

There are some *hidden* coding paramerters for sscs and dms etc.
exp(x) returnes the 'e' (the exponential constant) to the power of x.
atan2(a,b) i really have no idea.
and (for the true n00b)
alpha=0..1 -alpha sets the level of alpha blending in a dm if the blend setting is activated. this is done per point, so that mixtures/grandients of input and output can be created. can also be used to add fog and/or cover 'uglyedge' syndrome for 3d scopes. But i wont get into that. If you can ray-trace, then i think you can work this out for yourself.

also pi=acos(-1);
cheers to whoever enlightened us on this one. (methinks steven)

thats all i can think of for now..

Oh Yeah.. With SSC. Never restrict yourself to creating shapes strictly from x/y= some form of 'i'.
This is a very restrictive mothod in some cases.

init-- t=0; s=0; n=64

perframe-- t=0; s=0
perpoint-- s=if(equal(t,8),s+1,s);
x=s/8; y=t/8

this should creat a 8x8 dot grid, but i cant test it on this comp so correkt me if im wrong.
use colour coding to blacken the bits where lines cross over screen.
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