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I noticed what I think was r2du-soft's fork of the CLR 0.5 release
So, I forked, and then did two things:
1. Updated my fork to CLR 1.1
1.1. Dropped r2du-soft's CLR 1.1 zip onto my fork
1.2. Created a pull request for r2du-soft to get his code into his fork
2. Did my needed changes
2.1. Moved to Visual Studio 2019
2.2. Moved to .NET 4.x, because .NET 4.0 released with XP SP3 which is now unsupported by Microsoft, so an assumption of 4.x should be safe now.
2.3. Added a reference to "System.Web.Services" so that assemblies that have "Service Reference" objects can load, I have a .NET 4.7.2 DLL with this situation.

My fork lives here:
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