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You must get the desired location into $Destination somehow before calling CopyFiles. I guess you'd better do this before proceeding to the "instfiles" page. You should use a "custom" page as suggested by Red Wine. First of all have a look at section "2.3.2 Pages" and "4.5.4 Page" in the NSIS manual! Then you must learn how to actually create a custom page, either via InstallOptions(Ex) or via nsDialogs. Have a look at "NSIS\Docs\InstallOptions\Readme.html", "NSIS\Docs\InstallOptionsEx\Readme.html" or "NSIS\Docs\nsDialogs\Readme.html". On your custom page you simply put a "DirRequest" control, which allows the user to choose the desired folder...

There are also examples in the "NSIS\Examples" folder

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