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Keeping the library-ratings after upgrading

Dear community,

first of all - I'm not a native speaker, so sorry for all misspelings in advance

Currently I got the Winamp version 5.541.
Because of the fact that my computer is running very slow, I want to reinstall Windows 7.
The problem is that I have rated about 1000 of my favourite songs untill now and I want to keep these ratings, of course. Therefore I did a bit research on the internet and found a program called "Winamp Backup Tool", which could apparently save my adjustments and ratings. The problem is that it needs at least Winamp version to work.
That means I have to update my version, but when I tried to do this it looked like a reinstallation of Winamp, rather than an upgrade and I canceled it. I'm a bit afraid, that I will lose my ratings with this update/reinstallation.

Does anybody know how I could proceed?

I'm looking forward to your answers
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