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It took me some trial and error to figure this out as well. The issue itself isn't with Winamp but the Android OS as far as I can tell. Adding, deleting, editing, or transcodes require the Media Storage app to manually updated. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All and select Media Storage. Then Clear Data and unmount and remount the SD card afterwards. This has worked for me every time. I have successfully tested LC, HE, and HE v2 AAC in both .aac and .m4a

That may or may not work for everyone but it worked on my Milestone X (Droid X) with 2.2

Another serious issue I've noticed (and what brings me here) is that even after getting the files to load the ID tags don't load properly. All files are encoded using the same application and I have verified that the tags are correct but some work while others don't. The only difference in the files I am aware of is the encoding frequency (some are 11025 Hz and some 22050 Hz). I'm going to keep trying to figure this out but please let me know if anyone figures this out.
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