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Hi Zylot,
You re right. It seems that "True Visionnary" seems to have slightly different shaders or movements.
I came to the conclusion that the best alternative is to credit as :
"Visuals using Milkdrop Visualizer. Original preset, coded by and big up : Zylot - "Visionnary Series" (remix)" to be as accurate as possible, stating I have no more precisions about the preset.

Hope that's ok like this. If no just tell me more and i'll correct as necessary.

So, I don't know if you like techno music, but, here's the link to your big up :

If you like the music inside the video, it will be my pleasure to offer you a free download. The title is "Eye Cage", by Pulse Radar.
You can also get it on thie following page, which is my on line store for my music (certainly no commercial use of the video will be made, no need to tell it!) :

Also,there is my Youtube home-page, where the video is uploaded inside the "Pulse Radar" sub-section (playlist):

Same thing, if you would like to use the video by yourself, for your own demo purposes, as an example... Just tell me and I'll give you a link to the video file. Last but not least : Thank you.

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