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How do I manage music on a memory stick with Winamp?

I have been wondering if this is possible for quite some time now. Let me explain briefly...

I have an old Sony Ericsson cell phone that takes a memory stick. I use my phone as my portable mp3 player, and when I want to put new music on there, I take the card out, stick it in my computer.

To put music on my memory card, I have to find the songs on my Winamp playlist, right click each song, click view file info, then copy and paste the directory address into explorer, find the mp3 file, then drag it into the //MP3 directory on my memory stick. It's a huge pain in the butt and it's a lot of work.

Is there a way I can use winamp to manage my memory sticks MP3 folder when I stick my card in the computer? Maybe I could right click a song on my playlist, and hit "send to memory stick" somehow. It'd be easier than all this jumping around with explorer. Thanksss
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