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Winamp can do it with the bundled pmp_usb plugin

Make sure you've installed 'Portable Media player support' and 'USB device support'

If you plug your card in the card reader, while Winamp is running, it will detect the card and ask you, if you want to manage the drive with Winamp. Choose Yes.

From now on, you will see your drive in the library under 'Portables'

Before you can start, you should configure it for your mobile phone.

Open Winamp Preferences --> Media Libary --> Portables.

Make sure, that you have entered the right path in advanced tab. (You can change naming format etc too)

My W800i saves the music in a subfolder called 'music', so I have set this as path:

Older/Other Sony mobiles may save music in another subfolder. For example the K750i saves music in a subfolder called 'MP3'.

So make sure, that you have entered the right path.

From now on you can select files in your Playlist/Library, right click on them and choose "Send to" --> 'USB Drive...'

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