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Thank you! I was able to figure that part out after I un-blacklisted the memory stick with Nullsoft USB Device Plug-in v0.7. It's annoying that I have to unblacklist the drive every single time I connect it, but whatever.

My problem now is with using the Winamp Library, which seems very clunky thus far. I have no problem right clicking my playlist files and moving them to my memory sticks /MP3 directory. My problem is with viewing all the files in that one /MP3 directory. The library view shows me ALL .midi and mp3 files (including ringtones) on the phone in one huge list, which is not helpful. And it seems to want to organize by artist and album, which is also not helpful considering it's a 128 MB memory stick. I can only fit 20 songs on it typically, I don't need to see artist and album filters... There seems to be no DIRECTORY filter.

What'd Id like to be able to do is simple. I just want to see the files in the /MP3 folder of my memory stick using Winamp's Library (instead of using Windows Explorer like I usually do). I want my library to appear more like a folder browser. Is this possible? Thanksss!


Take a look at the attached picture below to get an idea of what I'm saying. In my memory sticks I:/MP3 folder, there are only 2 files. Autotune.mp3 and a song called Still Alive. Instead I'm shown ALL the files in ALL the folders, which is unneccessary. Look at this mess!

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