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#1: Blacklist

Hmm, usually you shouldn't do that, Winamp created 2 files on the stick, where it saves the settings and blacklist state.

Un-Blacklist the drive again (Preferences --> Plugins --> Media Library --> USB devive plug-in.

After you did this, manually connect it in this dialog by selecting the correct drive letter and using the "Connect Drive" button

Go to Preferences --> Media Library Portables --> USB Drive --> Advanced.

Press "Save and Rescan" and "Refresh Cache".

If it still automatically blacklists the drive, try deleting the configuration files manually.

Open the stick in Windows Explorer and delete the files pmp_usb.ini and winamp_cache_0001.xml (the last file is an hidden file, so make sure that windows shows hidden files)


Sadly, ml_pmp lacks flexibility, you cannot create powerful smart views like under local media. Also a query in the search field doesn't seem to work. So there is no way, which I'm aware about, how to show e.g. mp3 files only, it's a bit annoying.

The only few options to configure the view, you can find here:

But you cannot set it to a single list, though.

This is bugging me too. Portable drives should provide the same powerful smart views, like local views. Or at least the ability to filter file types.
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