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Include discnumber for mobile device support

Winamp has only one big problem:
It is not able to include the discnumber tag for mobile device sync.
This results in the following problem:
I have some mp3 audiobooks, who have more than one disc. So the logical and correct way to tag them, is using discnumbers.
These audiobooks have NO DIFFERENT track names on the single disc.
This means, one trackname can occur 1 to x times, depending on the number of discs.
Every time i try to submit a album that is tagged like this, only the first disc is submitted or i have complete chaos on the mp3 player that goes like this:
The player (iPod, Sandisk Sansa) supports track numbers, but they are no more existent because Winamp kicks them out on transfer.
So after that all the players i have tested play as follows:
Disc 1 / Track One, Disc 2 Track 1, Disc 3 Track 1 and so on...
This bug exists since i use Winamp (some Years now). When will this be fixed?
For other Software like iTunes, Musicbee etc. this is absolute no problem.
In addition to that Winamp kicks a lot of cover art on submitting to mobile devices.
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