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Vst Support Wants

I use the vst adapter dps and the vst chainer .
and vst bridge

i have truble with the bridge closing out and not letting the full view of the plugin gui to open/ exit the chainer so it can be seen.

i also wish it had like 5 clean output channels that you can add individual effects to

that way you can do artificial room paning.

I found a reverb that is really excelent and wish winamp was mor compatable with thees things.

Its called ariesverb_0_4a it makes an awsom cabinent sim i thank you for winamp and plugins

Id pay 80$ for winamp and a good plugin setup.

you shuldent sell yourself free.

Also, i wish the plugins all looked knoby and black with color theems.

Why is all of that stuff so retro. Its distracting when you are serious.
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