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Originally Posted by TimbreWolf View Post
Hi thinktink,

I've been loading some opus files into Winamp today using your latest plugin version

Most of them work great thanks. Though I've hit a couple where I can't get the tags to load into Winamp. They've been tagged in the same way as the other files which work (using AudioShell), and I can see the tags are present in the same way as with the other files if I open them with a text editor.

Here are the files in question if you're interested to have a look sometime:


After further investigation of the files in a modified debug build of the plugin I discovered that my initial assessment of the integrity of the files' structure was wrong, very wrong. I found that further down in the files there were severe errors in the OggS page layout, namely, it looks as though either multiple sections of the files are missing OR the original encoder (lavf) overwrote key OggS page headers by mistake. These errors run the entire length of the files intermittently and are not recoverable.

If you obtained these files from online, try re-downloading them. If you converted them yourself, please please please please please use a different converter.
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