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NSIS Debug build reports memory leaks

Hello, there. Most likely this is for Anders...

I built the latest SVN 7210 (which I believe is only one off from v3.06.1). My source has only one change, in exehead/exec.c, to comment out lines 1616 and 1618 to inhibit logging the output when LogSet is turned on or off so a user-readable command-line output and/or user-readable install.log can be created (See my comment to feature request 533). I make 3 different NSIS builds, "regular," commandline, and commandline+debug (all with logging and long strings). I'm building NSIS on a Win7 machine with MSTOOLKIT=no.

The issue: The debug build (only) reports memory leaks at the end of the NSIS build (apparently running makensis for the new native NSIS Menu; though note I have set SKIPUTILS="NSIS Menu" so perhaps it shouldn't be doing that). In any case, I get the same memory leak warnings with makensis example.nsi.

The last time I built SVN 7068 [3.04 timeframe], it didn't exhibit this behavior.

My scons call:

Find the build output attached.

Let me know if there's anything else you need from me to help debug this.

EDIT: I don't know if it's related, though this sounds like a memory leak issue: for a very long time (more than 2 years) I have had odd behavior (on the same machine that I am using for building NSIS) where occasionally makensis starts crashing, and keeps crashing every time it is run. My workaround is to replace the makensis executable, and the issue goes away. At one point, Windows would report an error that makensis had crashed (and then our build script would hang); at some point (maybe in the last year or so?), Windows stopped popping up the box, and instead the crash would give a weird access violation exit code (-1073741819).
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