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Winamp tech support IRC channel

Reaper has started an IRC channel to assist in the answering of Winamp 5 tech support questions.

If you just want a quick answer to a short question
#WinampTech can probably help you.

For those with an IRC client, eg. mIRC:

/join #winamptech

Or if you can't connect to, try the ip instead:

/join #winamptech

For those without an IRC client:
Java Chat
Once you click that link it will prompt you to install the jpilot chat software, simply click yes and you will be brought to a screen listing the server, channel etc. Enter your nick where it currently says Guest and click Connect.

You will be taken to the chat.


Important Notes

We usually only respond after you've asked your Winamp-related question, ie. we'll probably NOT respond if you come into the channel and say "Hi, anyone here?".
So we recommend that you ask your actual question first and then wait up to 30 minutes or so for a reply. Though on most occasions someone will reply to a Winamp-related question within a matter of seconds/minutes.

#winamptech is for tech support issues with the Winamp client only.

Do not bother visiting the channel if your question is related to Plugin Development or Shoutcast Broadcasting etc. Please visit the relevant forum here instead, and post your question there. But make sure you read the sticky topics at the top of those forums first.
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