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broadcasting traktor to shoutcast with correct metadata


I've gone through so many threads trying to find an answer to this but I can't seem to find a good answer so hopefully creating my own thread will get me one!

Basically I currently broadcast from Traktor to shoutcast via icecast. I do this by relaying the traktor stream via icecast locally. I can then open the stream created by icecast in winamp and broadcast it via the shoutcast dsp plugin. It works fine except I want to be able to edit the metadata. At the moment icecast only relays the song titles so when I broadcast people tuning in can only see the track names. Ideally I would like it to relay my DJ Name and then the track title, something like this 'DJ Nutman on DB9Radio - Artist - Track Title'... I just can't work out how to add to the metadata.

From what I've been reading I'm not sure if Icecast can do this. Can any method fix this?
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