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i'm aware of the means to check for such support (as it's used on the interim builds for hiding the HTML5 control on browsers that don't support MP3 playback due to not having the codecs installed) but it has no effect on someone trying to directly play the stream url in-browser or via a HTML5 player.

as i've already detailed, the DNAS is what needs to become compatible with what is being done in the space and if Chrome is support plain AAC, good for them but we're not going to go for specific options unless that is the only way to do it (which it is not).

so as already mentioned, the only true solution is to have MP4+AAC streams provided from the DNAS and that is not currently something it can do and so AAC in browser / HTML5 player is a no-go and is something that the DNAS needs to get onboard with doing sooner rather than later as well as broadcasters when that option eventually becomes available.
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