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Originally posted by Widdykats
Well, they take young calves and put them in a pen where they can barely move. Veal Production Please note in the United States, we still "crate"
and stuff . I don't eat veal. I will if they treat the young calves better than they do.
Thats why you look for free range, silly

How do you ensure it is free range? Two ways:

1. Ask butcher for a chain of custody. Trace it back to the range.

2. Most likely, 1 is not going to happen. Therefore, use science. Veal is technically any beef that has not been weened off mom's milk. A cow never getting the chance to eat grass and only having a diet of milk makes the meat (veal) white. A cow that has started to be weaned from mom's milk will naturally be eating grass to supplament the diet. When a cow eats grass, the flesh starts to turn red.

If a baby cow has been caged and only fed milk, then it will be white meat. If a cow has somehow gotten fresh grass, the meat will be slightly pink.

On that note, I do not believe I have ever eaten white veal.
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