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Originally posted by MasterViVi
FLAC, it doesn't lose any quality compared to the original.

Besides, OGG Vorbis is transparent at 128kbps for almost all people (= 192kbps LAME, although 128kbps with the latest LAME is also very good.)

Yes, but completly useless, as I would be damned if you would hear any difference between 192kbps and 320kbps LAME MP3 on the most music. At this point it would be better to switch to FLAC anyway, (FLAC = lossless, MP3 = lossy) so you can always convert to another format without any quality loss.
I am talking about the highest possible fidelity here.

The problem with FLAC is its limited availability.

I can't be bothered to convert from FLAC to MP3 or AAC each time I would need to copy some music files to a portable player.

In fact is there a portable player that supports FLAC (out of the box)?
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