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Originally posted by Faiakes
It's settled then (as far as MP3 is concenrned)

Now, is that MP3 setting better than the best AAC has to offer?
There's no definitive answer.

First of all, it's pretty safe to assume that both will sound absolutely identical most of the time.
Apart from that, Lame is far more tested.
On the other hand mp3 has some design limitations that prevent it from reaching transparency (for trained listeners) in certain cases. AAC is more likely to be able to be transparent all the time, but whether this encoder is...

(One reason to use extremely high bitrates is if you may want to transcode for portable use (but don't have the space for lossless), in that case you'd probably be best off using Ogg Vorbis.)
Originally posted by Faiakes
(Am I to assume that WinAmp is using LAME?)
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