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all of the old ones are deprecated and the 5.5+ client will not load them (we left that happening until after 5.5beta3 since we'd not gotten everything sorted at that point). the main purpose of this is to start them off against a known base (since there's issues with the older ones not having the correct updated versions of some of the dialogs especially with the cleanups of the dialogs in the later few of the 5.3x versions)

if there is any old ones in the queue then they'll need to be rejected and refered to the information here on getting things updated to the newer specs.

it's relatively easy if needed to get the old language packs working again (the internal build tool is almost setup to do this) so we could if need be get them updated and put up on the nullsoft account or something like that (though would ideally need some user-verification of the auto-porting if that went ahead as there will be clipping issues, etc)

ideally we need to get all of the old ones moved to an archieved state (this had been brought up internally but nothing much came off it). one for me to re-check on what's happening when people are back in work next week.

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