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making my file tunes into MP3's for uploading to website

mr. gaekwad, please help me. i have a simple prob. and i'm quite dumb as far as the new sound tech. i have some tunes in my files. i'm trying to upload these tunes to "" , a musician's website for showcasing songs. I've used a free trial successfully with a system called YEO GraBBER but MY trial has expired. so i purshased WinAmp for the sole purpose of making my songs into format MP3 so i can upload them to various websites like I can play my tunes but i'm having a hard time understanding how to Rip these tunes to MP3's. i think it has something to do with my files . can you offer me some help in this? i'm not getting anywhere & i paid $25.00 for this service. thanks, tom comis.
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